TEAM UK vs EMMA German Finals

Early in September 5 Cars from EMMA Team UK embarked on an Epic road trip to compete at the EMMA Germany last round and Finals hosted by Car Hifi Fisher in Stein Germany.


It was excellent to once again see our German brothers and sisters, and enjoy a warm welcome. The German competitive spirit is equally matched by their hospitality. Team Germany as always at the top of the leaderboard at Eurofinals. The creativity and planning in some of the installs is amongst some of the best in the world. This trip saw some both visually impressive and sweet sounding cars as usual.

Team UK cars represented 11 classes and over the 2 days racked up an impressive 17 podium finishes including 10 1st place trophies. An impressive result considering the strength of the cars show from Germany. It is therfore so exciting that UK cars are so competitive, and paves the way for (hopefully) a good showing this year in Salzburg from Team UK.

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