Round 3 Something Special ….

The Round 3 Championship Event will be held at Donnington Park Circuit over two days and two car shows. The French Car Show is on the Saturday and VAG Tuner Live event is held on the Sunday (15th and 16th of July 2017).

Building on the success of the previous two rounds of competition where both rounds broke UK record levels of attendance, EMMA UK have something special lined up for round 3.

Cars that enter the EMMA competition will be special because we shall be holding a Mini Euro Finals style competition!!!


The euro finals competition works differently to other regular competitions as it involves only the highest trained international head judges (the best of the best). The International head judges are those that travel to the Euro finals a few days before the event to receive classroom and practical training from the EMMA HQ trainers. The EMMA UK team already has three international head judges on the team (Kevin, Cristian and Horst), but for round 3 we are flying in specially for UK competitors FOUR international head judges from Norway, Germany and Italy. What this means is we will have plenty of staff for holding the alternative style event of “double judging”, making it exactly like the euro finals event.

The double judging process works by two judges receiving the same list of cars, but judges them in a different order, with the scores averaged to give the final placements.


Saturday afternoon EMMA UK shall be providing a BBQ to all competitors, and if you want to talk speakers with some of the most respected guests we could have sourced for you, you can join us for a traditional English curry Saturday night. To join us for the evening meal, you need to contact Roo in advance so that he can reserve you a place at the restaurant table.


A lot of effort is being made to ensure this will be our best event yet, we hope that new competitors will be able to join us, as well as those that made it to previous events…


Registraion for the event:


Last by no means least, logon to to check the live status of the event.


See you Saturday Morning, the competitors briefing will be held by the Emma site office at 9.30am sharp.